Pharmacy Technician – A Great Medical Field to Be in

There are many different jobs available in the medical field. It is something that has job security because there will always be a need for the medical advisers. There is a great opportunity to work as a pharmacy technician it is directly supervised by the pharmacist. The typical day involves counting pills and filling prescription bottles, typing up the labels, filling out insurance forms and checking for interactions between medications.

They often mix medications, pour, mix, measure and weigh the medications, and apply the correct labels on the prescription bottles. They work with the public, and having a friendly outgoing personality is very advantageous. Each state has their own regulations and guidelines that a pharmacist needs to follow and a technician needs to become familiar with these guidelines. It is a tidy, clean and comfortable environment to work in because it is important that medications are kept at a certain temperature. But, it can be a lot of hours spent on your feet.

Job Opportunities for Pharmacy Techs

If you are wondering where on earth you could find pharmacy technician jobs, you have to know that there are tons of companies that need your expertise. Your work usually is providing assistance to a license pharmacist. You could be employed in a retail drug store – big or small, you could also work in a hospital, an insurance company, a school, a hospital, a hospice, in an office or even in a military camp. When working with pharmacists, you are expected to be able to help in filling out prescriptions, assisting customers, mixing up liquid medicines, counting pills, and many others. But some very specific tasks are the following.

  • Getting prescription orders from clients
  • Recording and maintaining patients’ data, including health and insurance records, into the pharmacist’s computer
  • Filling out prescriptions and assisting clients
  • Taking telephone orders from clients and doctors
  • Completing telephone orders from other pharmaceutical companies
  • Providing assistance to the pharmacists in managing the pharmacy
  • Organizing bulk medicines for companies

Pharmacy Technician Salary Factors

There are several factors which can affect pharmacy technician salary. Among these are formal training, locality, and whether the pharmacy technician is certified or not. In order to achieve the highest salaries important for pharmacy technicians to get as much formal training as possible. Training is available from community colleges, trade schools, and can even be completed online from start to finish. One of the largest factors affecting pharmacy technician salary is locality. And by locality I mean which state they are working.

States with a high cost-of-living offer the highest pharmacy technician salaries, while all low cost-of-living states offer considerably lower pharmacy technician salary. Perhaps the single most important factor in determining pharmacy technician salary though this certification and continuing education. Certification is achieved through passing an exam given either by the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board, or the Institute for Certification of Pharmacy Technicians. Education will always be important in any endeavor in achieving the highest income and pharmacy technician salary is no exception.

X-Ray Technician Salary Differences

With the continuing growth of our healthcare industry, it is no surprise to many graduating students that the x-ray technician career is one of the best careers that they choose to pursue. Most of these facts have to do with the increased number of the aging populous. Some statistics show that over the next 10 and more years,health clinics and hospitals are due to increase and expand to accommodate the specialized fields. With these results, it has become very apparent that good patient care will be of the utmost importance.

In the x-ray technician field, one facet that is good is that the pay scale has been rapidly increasing, as the demands and training have grown as well. One can be assured to thrive in school knowing that a very competitive salary awaits them.

One factor that may dictate a higher salary, can be the area that one decides to work, geographically. Earnings do vary per state and regions. Statistics have been logged that some of the highest paid x-ray technicians come from the states of Hawaii, Maryland , Massachusetts and Nevada. One reason pertaining to this idea would be that these states have a higher cost of living, therefore pay more generously.

California Salary

California is a great area to be an x-ray technician these days. The salary is very competitive and there are many opportunities in the bigger cities as San Francisco and Los Angeles. Many people come across the country to seek the medical advancements that California is known for. Those that work in the x-ray technician field will be pleased to know that even though California tends to be a bit expensive, their x ray tech salary is quite worth it.

Salary On The East Coast

If one lives on the east coast, the best areas for higher salaries, again, are the bigger cities with medical advancements. New York and Boston go hand in hand for great technology. Within many of the national reports on careers, it has been noted that x-ray technicians can earn more than $68,000 annually. What is also great about this career is that one can always keep up their education and advance their career.

While the national average, according to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, states that the minimum pay for a qualified x-ray technician is roughly $55,000 annually, but, as mentioned above, it is all about location. One can pursue a fulfilling career in the wondrous and exciting x-ray technician field.

Physical Therapy Assistant: A Career And Technique That Helps Many

One of the most popular jobs of today is that of the physical therapy assistant. Many accident victims, the elderly and even athletes that are experiencing any mobility problems, could definitely benefit from the help and expertise of a physical therapy assistant. The services that the field of physical therapy employ’s today is varied and improving in leaps and bounds.

Unfortunately, many people have never even heard of this healthcare specialty, let alone engaged the services of this type of professional. According to the health career site, this profession originally began as a medical field primarily for women, to assist physicians with treatment for injured soldiers.

As physical therapy assistants work under the strict eye of the physical therapist they ensure that the patients who are currently undergoing specified treatments are followed and that they comply with any advice and recommended treatments. As a patient’s treatment progresses and healing advances are made, the physical therapy assistant can make recommendations for the physician and therapist to consider.

How one prepares for this career is, beginning with high school, that the student has good grades and an aptitude for the math and sciences. Students may enlist in a college course of a two-year degree program or participate in one of the many online colleges. The biggest and most important variable of any school is that it is an accredited school. Once one has completed the educational requirements, one may apply for their license within the state that they would like to work.

Physical Therapy Techniques

There is a whole industry surrounding hydrotherapy, and the physical therapy assistant that applies this type of treatment knows full well the proper applications and the potential risks that must be measured.

This type of treatment has been used since the days of ancient civilizations. The Greeks, Romans and Chinese used this therapy in a variety of forms. Even the American Indians were participants in the cleansing abilities of hot and cold-water treatments.

The healing effects are related to the mechanical and thermal uses of the water that exploit the human body’s ability to be stimulated by hot and cold conditions. The immune system can be positively affected by the sensations of hot water pulsed against the skin. The blood circulation and digestion system is invigorated and pain impulses are diminished or defeated altogether. The application of heat allows the relaxing of tight or rigid muscles, while an application of cold water can stimulate and invigorate the body and mind.

The Medical Billing Career Grants A Lot Of Flexible Options

Medical billing and coding is a great profession with an even greater future. As healthcare is needed everyday, the the job of the biller and coder will never cease since they are the ones who process the charts, code for diagnosis and submit to insurance companies for payment. The job is one of the most important within an office environment, because it has to do with making sure that the cash flow in running the office is optimum.

According to, salary range can be anywhere from $35.000 to $50,000 annually. Salaries are negotiable, as well as benefits, depending on education, certification and experience. It can take anywhere from six months to two years to complete a program, depending on the coursework of the program. Upon completing one of the accredited programs one should be ready to sit for the certified exams, passing with at least a 70%. Once certification is acquired the candidate would then be deemed as a specialist within the field.

Why Not Try Being One Who Handles Outsourcing Work

A career in medical billing and coding, has become one of the fastest growing and stable careers of today. Studies show that as healthcare is on the rise, with the aging population, more and more people are seeking the help of physicians, there in turn, generating more paper work that needs to be processed to insurance companies.

This field has become very popular with those who have decided to shift careers. Leaving work environments that no longer pay well and provide stability, and joining the ranks of the many billing and coding professionals. This field has even become flexible enough to provide many with a home based medical billing and coding business, as one who processes outsourced work from the privacy of your own work station at home. With this profession, it is rather easy to be up and running in no time at all, and with the modern age of computers and internet technology, processing all the electronic submissions to the insurance companies has made the job literally effortless.

As one who provides outsourcing, many doctors offices have been more inclined to hire independent contractors to fulfill their billing and coding needs, allowing them to save monies in the long run, by not having to employ a full time employee and provide benefits. This allows many to save money and invest it back into their practices.

RN And Outpatient Care Facilities

nurseIf you have ever wondered about a day in the life of an RN, why not explore one of the many areas an RN would work. One place that is very popular for an RN is one of the outpatient surgery center. These facilities would include pre-op and post-op, which would be recovery care. The staff of physicians and nurses that are employed must have very strong medical educational instruction and skills. A nurse in this environment would be responsible for preparing all patients for many different surgeries, that are carried out on a daily agenda.

With outpatient surgery and a good medical staff, a patient can enter the facility in the morning, have a procedure and return home that same day. The nurses who fill the roles in a surgery center must possess a strong and varied knowledge of what is needed in recovery, they also call this “phase 2″ recovery.

Many of ones daily duties would be monitoring vital signs, administering medicines prescribed by the attending physician, attending to the surgery site and changing dressings when necessary. When one performs these duties everyday, but on many different patients, a nurse can become quite good at what they do and much of their tasks can be somewhat routine. This allows the recovery nurse to focus on the patient and put them at ease, as many patients can be quite frightened, especially if it is the elderly or a child having their tonsils removed.

In nursing, there are always other nurses, head nurses as well as physicians to ask questions, if one is not sure about one procedure or the next. When first starting out in the outpatient surgery field, one may not know all the answers, so it is very important that nurses seek help and advice, since so many variables could be at risk. It is important that nurses work as teams and support each other with their duties. Educating oneself on their specific job and their responsibilities only goes to show that one is serious about their job and the training that is needed to be the best outpatient care nurse.

Being an Ultrasound Technician

Should you be interested in getting started in the medical field, you may want to consider the career of an ultrasound technician. As mentioned at, a popular ultrasound career blog, this position can pay a great salary. The ultrasound technician salary is rather generous as opposed to other jobs out there. Getting started in a career as a sonographer is a great way to insure you have a recession proof job for the future.

This is a good choice when you are not sure of which specification in the medical field you want to do in the future. So taking a job as an ultrasound technician will allow you to earn some money while you are still at a cross roads of which path in the medical field you may want to pursue eventually. And at the end of the day, you will find the experience of the ultrasound technician both interesting and rewarding.

This Career Is For Both Sexes

There are some types of careers that are deemed to be for a certain sex. Careers such as nursing were seen as women careers, but this is no longer the case. We are now living in a world where careers are now becoming more flexible to allow for both sexes. The advantage with the medical industry is that it is a great career for both sexes, especially when it comes to ultrasound technology, where both men and women can train as an ultrasound tech.

It usually does not matter whether one is male or female, what is important in this case is to have the necessary skills and knowledge that are needed to perform duties effectively. Those who have been in the ultrasound technology field will tell you that there is no bias between sexes, as all professionals are accorded the same training and equipped with the same skills that will be useful in their career.

Qualifications To Work In Sonography

We all know that, one can only be offered employment after they have successfully finished their courses in college. All employers carry out a screening process to check whether one has qualified in their areas of expertise. Being an ultrasound technician is a great experience especially due to the fact that the career is now on high demand in the medical sector.

Before gaining any employment as an ultrasound technician, one must go through a training school where they must be able to pass their exams and satisfy all ultrasound tech requirements before they are allowed to graduate.

While in an ultrasound technician school students are taken through various course units that they must pass before they are allowed to move onto the next level. A variety of practical sessions and research assignments and projects are usually carried out within the course of study. Once a student has satisfied all this they are then allowed to graduate.